President Trump Hires Controversial Televangelist Who Got Her Start in Tampa

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The New York Times reported two weeks ago: “Paula White, a televangelist based in Florida and personal pastor to President Trump whom he has known since 2002, has joined the Trump administration in an official capacity, according to a White House official.”

Ms. White will work in the Office of Public Liaison, the official said, which is the division of the White House overseeing outreach to groups and coalitions organizing key parts of the president’s base. Her role will be to advise the administration’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative, which Mr. Trump established last year by executive order and which aims to give religious groups more of a voice in government programs devoted to issues like defending religious liberty…”

White is a former mega-church leader from Tampa. Her activities in Tampa were later the subject of a US Senate investigation.

Here to talk about Paula White is Michelle Bearden a former reporter for the Tampa Tribune and Ed Golly, chair of the Atheists of Florida.
Bearden covered the rise and fall of White in Tampa for more than ten years.
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