The “Presidentalization” of Donald Trump-From a Woman’s POV

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Photo via DonkeyHotey


We can’t get away from the election, can we? What does “presidential” mean?  Donald Trump has said, “It’s no job to act presidential, I can be presidential any time I want” while addressing claims that he was advised by friends and family  to change his demeanor while campaigning. While campaigning in Connecticut in April he imitated what being “presidential” looked like. Leslie Savan, author of Slam Dunks and No Brainers, is going to talk of the “presidentializing” of Donald Trump on Thursday’s show. Can we, the voters, discern the difference between the real and the acting, or are we as much a part of this “presidentializing” charade as the candidates? Tune into From a Woman’s POV at 10 am to hear our discussion about it.