Public Employees group files complaint to FDEP over climate change gag order

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In the latest in the story over FDEPs “climate change” ban, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility(PEER) has (filed a complaint to the department’s Inspector General)[] for reprimanding an employee who addressed climate change at a official meeting. Land Management Plan Coordinator Barton Bibler was formally reprimanded and put on a medical leave for expressing concerns regard the Keystone XL pipeline on Florida’s climate at a coastal managers meeting. PEER is calling for an investigation into the disciplinary actions made against Bibler. PEER Florida’s Director and former DEP attorney Jerry Phillips joins us to talk about the case and the department’s perceived censorship of climate-related issues.

Last week U.S. Senate and House republicans drafted a new budget that emphasized increased military spending and tax cuts. We listen to statement made by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders blasting the budget for perpetuating income inequality and ignoring the need for job growth. We then here a statement by former Florida governor Jeb Bush, stating that an increase in the minimum wage would lead to loss of the lowest waged jobs to automation.