Radioactivity Thursday: Progressives and the Biden agenda; Pasco County’s Brian Corley defends Election Integrity

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December 3, 2020

Good Morning, welcome to Radioactivity.  I’m Rob Lorei.  Coming up—what progressive ideas could Joe Biden implement in his first months in office? Our first guest has some suggestions…. And later- a local Republican official has become one of the few Republicans in office to speak out against conspiracy theories about the election.

President-elect Biden is coming into office with a mounting COVID crisis, a struggling economy and an angry electorate. Our first guest says the new President should construct a popular bread and butter agenda that works for most Americans. Branko Marcetic is a staff writer at Jacobin magazine and a 2019 – 2020 Leonard C. Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting fellow. He is working on a forthcoming book about Joe Biden. Marcetic is urging Biden to create programs that give people something to vote for. Otherwise, he warns, Biden will suffer the same fate that Obama suffered in his first mid-term election—a major loss of Democratic seats in Congress.

Our next guest is Pasco County Elections Supervisor Brian Corley.  Yesterday, Corley – a Republican – issued a statement criticizing the recent attacks on the electoral process.  He said “Political pundits and some government officials have politicized the electoral process with baseless claims and misinformation intent upon undermining the election results.”  And that “With every deep state conspiracy and illegitimate claim of fraud our democracy sinks deeper and deeper into divisiveness.”

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