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Take a close look at the image above. It was posted on social media by accomplished design and branding expert Josh Klenert. In the latest edition of Life Elsewhere we talk with Josh about his post. In the Latest Unbranded column Eddie Bauer the esteemed retail mainstay for outerwear, clothing, footwear and accessories for outdoor recreation has rebranded with a new logo. Klenert says this is unfortunate because the one-hundred-year-old retailer’s original logo was perfectly fitting and did not need an update. In the Unbranded Next? column Klenert suggests what some iconic logos could look like if they were redesigned. FedEx, IBM, Disney, Coca Cola etc become bland, sans serif disasters. Josh Klenert does not shy away from expressing his outrage if any of these brands decided to rebrand. In the third column, Design Undo we see the evolution of two brands that have gone through significant logo design changes only to return to what Josh describes as more appropriate for the brand. This is a fascinating conversation, Josh Klenert explains what a logo is and what is it for. Is a logo branding or is branding a logo? The international language of logos and we discover what was the first logo Josh tried to draw as a child.

“Our patients come to us with rat and other vermin bites, scabies, lice, skin ailments, colds, and congestion. Conditions that are easily treated.” These are the words of Dr. Rogy Masri, of Doctors Without Borders, currently working in Tripoli, Lebanon. Vulnerable migrants and refugees in Tripoli are living in appalling conditions explains Dr. Masri in a conversation with Norman B. The Canadian physician believes his professional training should be used unselfishly to help those less fortunate than himself. Thankfully Rogy is not alone, Doctors Without Borders are actively engaged around the globe, giving medical aid where it is needed most. The picture Rogy Masri paints so vividly of his daily life in Tripoli, is fraught with all manner of complications…his pager kept sounding during the interview…after the recording was over he explained to Norman B that security for the facility he was in were warning of potential violence breaking out any moment. The doctor was advised to seek safe cover. Doctors Without Borders do crucial work, they are neutral and impartial. We are honored to be able to share one doctor’s story with you.

To close the show we selected an emotive piece from London-based composer and multi instrumentalist, Ashraf Hanif. He utilizes a mixture of hardware and software for his compositions, Hanif blends Neo-classical ideas and electronic practices with his post-rock/emo and metal origins. The result is diverse, intimate and sonically rich. The cut you’ll hear is What We Become from Hanif’s 2021 album of the same title.

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