Six-month hold on a lawsuit against the Piney Point waste site

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Piney Point

A U.S. District Judge has put a six-month hold on a lawsuit against the Piney Point waste site. According to The News Service of Florida, the state is trying to close the Piney Point site in Manatee County and has $100 million approved by the Legislature to clean the site. Several environmental groups filed a lawsuit last year after wastewater was discharged from the former phosphate plant site to avoid an even worse disaster.

The Aftermath

The discharges lead to harmful algae blooms, the death of fish, and caused nearby residents to evacuate their homes. The environmental groups claimed violations of the federal Clean Water Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Now, U.S. District Judge William Jung said this six-month hold is just a pause in the resolution and it will be addressed.

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