Skippers Smokehouse 2.0 – The Return Of The Skipperdome

Skippers Smoke House Marquee | David Rañon

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After an extended hiatus, it appears that Skippers Smokehouse will be returning to Tampa Bay. In a Facebook post and press release published Friday Afternoon, the restaurant shared “We have spent the last couple of months working feverishly to create the next chapter of Skipper’s Smokehouse, Skipper’s 2.0”

Not Open Quite Yet

No word yet on when the opening night will be, but the post did indicate that long time owner Tom White will still be booking the venue.

Also according to the release, here is what you can expect when they do reopen:
• There will be music – we don’t have an exact date for our first show yet, but it will return.
• There will be mask wearing when not seated.
• There will be a masked up safe zone for those who desire to remain masked during shows.
• We will take credit cards at the outside bars!
• We will take reservations!
• We will be open Thursday through Sunday only.
• We will have a new, smaller menu – not to worry, many favorites remain with a few surprises.
• Many staff will be returning, and we need to hire more!
• We will be a non-smoking venue.
• We do not yet have an exact reopening date – watch social media pages, but we hope to reopen in June.
• We will follow socially responsible COVID protocols.

The Not So Final Show At Skippers

On September 27, 2020 staff and friends gathered for what was thought to be the last show at Skippers Smokehouse.