Some major U.S. corporations make plans to dodge taxes by merging overseas & Florida Cannabis Coalition’s event in Tampa

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Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks with Executive Director, Frank Clemente from the group Americans for Tax Fairness.

In recent months, several major U.S. corporations among them Walgreens, Medtronic and AbbVie have announced possible plans to renounce their U.S. corporate citizenship and move their corporate address offshore by merging with a foreign company. The merged corporation then pays most of its taxes to a foreign government usually a tax haven with a low tax rate. This allows it to dodge paying its fair share of U.S. taxes. The process is known as an inversion and Frank Clemente speaks to Rob Lorei about this practice.

Later on the show Rob speaks with Adam Bierman, Managing Partner of The MedMen (the leading consulting and management group in the marijuana industry) about what is happening in the state as it prepares for a November vote where medical marijuana legalization is expected to pass, as well as how it will affect local residents as well.

He is in Tampa today as the keynote speaker at the Florida Cannabis Coalition’s event, CannaDay Tampa Bay, where industry leaders will be gathering for hundreds of prospective marijuana business operators to learn more about getting into the industry.