St. Petersburg fourth grader wins Florida ‘Doodle for Google’ contest

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A St Petersburg fourth grader’s artwork was selected to represent Florida in the “Doodle for Google” Art Contest. The art was inspired by her passions and struggles.

Google’s contest prompt asked kids and teens to create a doodle, based around the Google logo, about what they’re grateful for. Nine-year-old Iman Haddouche-Miranda stepped up to the challenge.

She drew herself participating in her favorite activities while wearing her hijab. In the doodle, she’s playing tennis. She’s also practicing karate.

“They’re two of my favorite sports that I usually do over the year”

In her essay, she wrote she was bullied so much in school that her mom had to homeschool her. She finds peace in her mosque.

A teacher at the mosqu  she calls Sister Jennifer inspired her to enter the contest. The national winner of the contest would have their art displayed on Google, and win a $50,000 technology package for their school or non-profit.

“I wanted to participate so I could win the prize for the Mosque community”

Although her drawing was not chosen for the national contest, she still got prizes, including technology she gave back to her mosque.