Surprising books are being examined under new Florida Laws

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The Palm Beach County School District is beginning to question whether books that are based on gender, sexuality and racism should be allowed in classes. Some of the books that the district is considering may surprise you.

The school district has asked teachers and other employees to review an array of books and hand over any copies that might violate two laws advocated by Governor Ron DeSantis. As reported by the Palm Beach Post, some of the books that are being reviewed to see if they violate two new Florida laws include “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” By Martin Luther King JR, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee and “The Diary of a Young Girl”, by Anne Frank. As a result the district only approved 15 books that focus on racism and historic justice and these books are going to be offered to students for optional reading or for lessons. The list of 31 books reviewed by the school district, was sent to teachers in May. The District asked the teachers to critique the books in their classrooms.