Sustainable Living: Native Plants and Wildlife

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This week on Sustainable Living, we had guest Craig Huegel. We talked about native plants and wildlife AND the USF Botanical Garden.

About our Guest

Craig Huegel was born and raised in Madison WI. He’s been a resident of the Tampa Bay area since 1987. He’s been involved with WMNF as a DJ for several decades. In addition Craig had a regular show on WMNF since 2009.

Also, Craig is known for his knowledge of plant and animal interactions and the design of wildlife-attracting landscapes. At the University of Florida, he co-founded the Urban Wildlife Extension Program and established the Florida Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program.

Additionally, he established the Pinellas County Environmental Lands Division and served as Division Administrator for twelve years.

Craig has authored so many books, publications, videos on wildlife, native plants etc. (I counted nearly 50). He received numerous state and regional awards from public agencies and private conservation groups. These awards were for his ongoing environmental education, restoration and preservation efforts.

He lectures widely across the state of Florida on the use of native plants in ecologically beneficial, sustainable landscapes.

He recently was named the Director of the USF Botanical Garden.


“Little bit by little bit we can take the earth back and share it with the rest of the world.”


Tune in next Monday morning at 11 for the next Sustainable Living Show, where we will be talking with Lynne Barber AND Julia Palaschak with the extension services about Florida Friendly Landscaping.

Remember if you are looking for someone to save the world – look in the mirror.




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www.hawthornhillwildflowers.blogspot.comThis site currently has more than 1,200,000 hits worldwide and includes pages of more than 500 native Florida wildflowers.

www.werenofences.blogspot.comThis site details the changes in Craig’s new home landscape as he strives to create habitat for birds, pollinators, and other wildlife. It currently has more than 50,000 hits. – This site is tied to Craig’s House Concert series and largely promotes the artists appearing in his show.