Sustainable living: Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply

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During today’s (12/06/2021) sustainable living show we talked to Marissa Byrum who is the Director of Communications of Urban Farming Resources at Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply.

Byrum is in charge of marketing and community outreach for Shell’s, and therefore has the privilege of interacting with the community on behalf of the store. Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply is so excited to be celebrating 60 years as a family owned and operated business this year serving the Tampa Bay community!

Back in the day, Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply served many farms throughout the state of Florida and is still family owned and operated. 

“So the business was started by Charles Shell, who is the father of the current company president, Greg Shell,” said Byrum. “It was primarily a feed business back then in 1961 so they delivered hay and livestock feed to farms all over Florida … There was also dog food, bird feed, hardware, nuts, bolts and paint, pretty much anything a farmer might need.”

Byrum shared which types of vegetables and seeds you could start planting this time of year.

“Carrots, radishes, cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and lettuces. A lot of your vegetable crops and leafy greens that do not need 8 or more hours to fruit, they’ll produce really well this time of year,” said Byrum. 

Shell’s is also known to hold monthly events and classes at the store. The business values building relationships with the community and sharing knowledge about farming or whatever it may be. 

“Pre-pandemic we were doing monthly community feed and plant swaps. August to May each year,” said Byrum. “We held classes on gardening and raising chickens. We did some composting classes and a few other things. I really want to bring those back next year so stay tuned.”

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