Sustainable Living: The Urban Forest

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This week on Sustainable Living, we talked with Robert Northrop, Andrew Koeser AND Brian Knox about The Urban Forest and our precious tree canopy.

About Our Guests

Brian Knox is a Senior Forester Examiner with the City of Tampa in the City Planning Department. He has been a Certified Arborist and urban forester for over 10 years. In his current role Brian manages the City of Tampa’s Urban Forest Strategic Plan and the City’s Ecological Analysis.


Andrew Koeser is an Associate Professor of Environmental Horticulture at the University of Florida Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Wimauma, Florida. He specializes in research related to urban trees and their care. He is an author of two Florida tree identification guides.


Robert Northrop is an extension forester for the University of Florida. The focus of his work involves teaching forest ecology and conservation science to natural resource and landscape design professionals; providing conservation planning assistance to local and state governments; and applied research into the changing character and ecological function of the urbanizing forest within the Tampa Bay Watershed. He was a watershed forester for the Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay Restoration Program; an advisor on trees and forests for the Maryland Office of the Governor; and taught wildlife management at the University of Delaware.

AND he just back from Prague and England as a speaker …. Just this past Sunday!


State Tree Law

We found out the state tree law is being quietly amended. Requiring arborists to be aware of all the laws and requirements for trees on residential AND commercial properties. We found out that many trees still need to be permitted and reporting inappropriate actions is something all citizens should report.

Call 1-813-256-TREE and open links below for tree questions.


Open Links for Tree Questions

Due to the surveys from the public and the physical assessments, the Urban Forest Management (book) is being implemented gradually.

The object is to put trees back in where they are needed to protect and improve our environment.

There are NOT many other places that concern themselves about cities and counties tree management. Tampa is one of the rare ones.

The city’s strategic plan is based on the comprehensive plan for the foundation of Tampa. There was an executive order signed off on it by the former mayor to keep the plan in place. It can be changed as needed only by an executive order.


Florida tree law link below:


Hurricane and Trees Seminar:


East Tampa CRA Grant


SCPA, Tree Complaint Hotline, and City interpretation of State Statute FS 165.043:


General Tree questions:

For any general questions on tree removal or trimming process and what may require a permit please contact (813) 274-8694 or send an email to [email protected]


Natural Resources Planning:

The survey of the canopy results will be on the 10-24-22 show.

Tune in next Monday morning at 11 for the next Sustainable Living Show, where we will be talking with Lynne Barber AND Julia Palaschak with the extension services about Florida Friendly Landscaping. (Water Wise awards)

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