Sustainable living: Tiny Homes

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During today’s (11/15/2021) sustainable living show we talked to John Kernohan who founded The United Tiny House Association (UTHA) along with his wife, Fin. 

The organization was created for the advocacy and support of the tiny house movement and for those individuals either living the tiny house dream, desiring to start their own tiny house journey, or those simply interested in what all the excitement and buzz is all about in regards to tiny houses and the tiny house movement.

So what exactly is the definition of a tiny home?

“The definition is a home under 400 square feet,” said Kernohan. “Whether it be on a towable foundation or a foundation base. Even a bus or van conversion. They all fall into the entire tiny house community.”

Since being formed back in August of 2015, the UTHA has grown to be what is considered the largest tiny lifestyle support organization in the entire World with over 41K+ members as of June, 2021.

Kernohan says he gets many guests who come to the tiny house community curious about living a tiny home lifestyle and even hosting guests through Airbnb. 

“Finn and I are actually Airbnb super hosts,” said John. “We have written a manual for Airbnb. They contracted us to write a hosting manual for tiny houses and unique stays. We are also Airbnb ambassadors. And what that means is new hosts who approach Airbnb to host tiny houses and unique stays get assigned to my wife and I and we coach them through Airbnb and advise them and help them so they become successful when hosting.”

The Kernohan’s tiny home community is completely off-grid. Solely relying on Solar for energy and a water well. Kernohan can say from first hand experience that living off-grid is not dirty and is much more environmentally friendly and sustainable than a traditional electrical grid. 

“I think a lot of times when people think of off-grid and having a minimal carbon footprint and living the lifestyle that we live, I think people get this image of dirty stuff and it’s really not,” said Kernohan. 

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