Will the Legislature designate the American flamingo as the Florida state bird?

A bill would designate the American flamingo as the Florida state bird in place of the mockingbird, which was approved in 1927.

Tampa Bay shorebirds dealt with record heat this summer

Summer this year was one of the hottest on record in the Tampa Bay Area, and shorebirds in Tampa Bay dealt with the heat.

A Surprising Debut Novel. The Way Of Birds. Etherial Music

Chuck Collins – Alter To An Erupting Sun Altar to an Erupting Sun is a near-future story of one community facing climate disruption in the critical decade ahead. Rae Kelliher is a veteran environmental activist...

Audubon Florida says the Wilson’s Plover shorebird is ‘threatened’

Audubon Florida wants the state to designate the Wilson’s Plover, a type of coastal wading bird, as a threatened species.

Iconic Florida bird faces extinction – one group is fighting to save it

Listen: Property owners could soon have one additional tool to help save a native Florida bird that’s at risk for extinction. The Florida scrub jay is the only bird endemic to Florida. It means they...

An Organizer Of The Florida Birding and Nature Festival Previews The Oct 15-17 Event

Mary Keith—the field trip coordinator for the Florida Birding and Nature Festival, taking place Oct 15-17, based at the Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach, Florida—recalled in a “Talking Animals” interview first becoming enchanted with...

The Way Of Birds. The Ways Of Prue.

The Bird Way: A New Look At How Birds Talk, Work, Play, Parent and Think by Jennifer Ackerman “There is the mammal way and there is the bird way.” But the bird way is much...
celery fields Sarasota

Sarasota environmentalists oppose waste facility near Celery Fields

On MidPoint we talked about efforts by environmentalists to oppose a waste processing facility on public lands in Sarasota County near land known as the Celery Fields; community activist Adrien Lucas and Luigi Verace with...
Bird roosting habitat Tampa

Bird roosting habitat at Tampa Tribune site will be protected

The Tampa Tribune is gone, but its building along the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa still remains … for now; but soon it will be demolished to make room for a condominium. The local Audubon society worked...

Fort DeSoto mega-cruise ship port buzz decried by environmental group

Fort DeSoto mega-cruise ship port buzz decried by environmental group

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