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Mothers, cops, and vets rally behind $5M push for recreational marijuana

A $5 million statewide ad campaign is aimed at boosting support for a proposed constitutional amendment for recreational marijuana in Florida

Recreational pot will be on Florida’s 2024 ballot

A divided Florida Supreme Court approved placing on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment to allow the recreational use of marijuana.
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Here are 10 bills that died in the 2024 Florida Legislative session

When Florida lawmakers went home after ending the 2024 legislative session Friday, they left behind hundreds of bills that did not pass.

Lawmakers OK a bill targeting hemp products in Florida

A bill to outlaw intoxicating hemp-based products is ready to go to Gov. Ron DeSantis, after the Florida House and Senate passed it.
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Florida lawmakers target hemp products with more regulations

Hemp farmers & small-business owners are pushing back against Republican lawmakers’ efforts to restrict sales of euphoria-inducing products.
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A medical marijuana operator challenges Florida’s medical marijuana fee hike

A medical marijuana operator argues that $1.33 million is unjustified, and is challenging Florida's license-renewal fee.
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Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments about a recreational marijuana constitutional amendment

The allows “adults 21 years or older to possess, purchase, or use marijuana products and marijuana accessories” for non-medical consumption.
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A Florida lawsuit challenging the federal prohibition on medical cannabis patients owning guns gets a boost

A U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Second Amendment was violated when a medical cannabis patient was barred from having guns.
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Florida AG Ashley Moody says a proposed recreational cannabis amendment “misleads” voters to benefit Trulieve

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office says a proposed constitutional amendment that would authorize the recreational use of marijuana “misleads” voters in a way to benefit the state’s largest medical-marijuana operator, Trulieve.
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Medical marijuana telehealth bill signed in Florida

Florida patients will be allowed to use telehealth to renew physician approvals for medical marijuana, under a bill signed Monday.
Marijuana. By Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, May 2011.

74 applicants vie for Florida medical cannabis licenses

Seventy-four prospective operators applied for 22 medical marijuana licenses during a five-day application cycle that ended April 28.

With full legalization looming, Florida cannabis business booms

John Lynch, CEO of Kush.com, a digital business-to-business marketplace for the cannabis industry, joined WaveMakers to talk about the industry and why his company is relocating from Seattle to Tampa.

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