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DeSantis signs laws on book challenges and charter schools

More than 1,200 objections were filed to school library books last school year in Florida. A new law limits challenges by some people.
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Florida will develop an oversight rule for charter schools

The Florida Department of Education is preparing to develop a rule related to oversight of charter schools.

Florida House Unanimously Approves Bill to Elevate Career Education

Learn about the $250,000 grant from NOAA to Tampa Bay, empowering small businesses to tackle climate change.

A new statewide panel can approve Florida charter schools

A new Florida rule details how a new statewide commission can function as an “alternate venue” for approving charter schools.
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Florida Senate is ready to approve a change to make public schools send tax revenues to charter schools for construction

The Florida Senate could give final approval Thursday requiring school districts to share local property tax revenues with charter schools.
WMNF Daily news digest, called "The Scoop"

The Scoop: WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

Tampa election The results are in… Tampa voters decided to elect a city council that could act as more of a check on the current mayor. Newcomer Alan Clendenin won over voters with 64% of...

Florida House is set to approve requirement for public school districts to share tax revenue with charter schools

The Florida House could pass a measure that would require school districts to share local property-tax revenue with charter schools.

Democrats fear for public schools as Senate bill advances

A controversial bill advanced in a Senate subcommittee Thursday that will divert some public school funds to charter schools.
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Florida Legislature advances plan to divert construction money from public schools to charter schools

A proposal to require school districts to share local property-tax revenue with charter schools will be considered by the Florida House.

Why Polk County school board joined lawsuit against HB 7069

Several school districts in Florida have joined a legal challenge against a new law that would siphon money away from public schools and send it to charter schools and other alternatives; one of the counties...

Why are Florida’s Public Schools Having Budget Problems?

Radioactivity Wednesday 8 30 17 Why are Florida’s Public Schools Having Budget Problems? Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Facing budget problems the Hillsborough School District is in the process of eliminating about...

Paula Dockery joins Radioactivity to talk about the upcoming Florida legislative session

WMNF’s Radioactivity February 2, 2017 Paula Dockery served 16 years in the state legislature from 1996 to 2012 as a Republican representing districts in Polk County. The last ten years she was a member of...

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