City of Tampa history

No Pasarán! The Ybor City women who fought fascism

Women's political activism in Ybor City, Florida and their fight against fascism at home and abroad during the time of the Spanish Civil War.

WaveMakers: Uncovering Tampa’s Black History with Fred Hearns

Fred Hearns, the curator of Black History at the Tampa Bay History Center, discusses some of Tampa's forgotten, neglected and buried past.

Surly Voices: liberation of divorce and Gasparilla’s troubled history

This week on Surly Voices, hosts Liz and Amina discuss the liberation of divorce and Tampa's troubled history with the Gasparilla Parade.

Neglected African American cemeteries are a haunting testament to perpetual racism

The Robles Park Village government housing project that sits atop Zion Cemetery is falling apart. Apartments are riddled with dangerous mold. Leaks and structural issues disturb the residents. Many are without air conditioning to ward...

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