“Bizarro” Creator Dan Piraro Discusses Array of Changes–Moving To Mexico, Semi-Retiring From The Strip, Creating A Graphic Novel

Dan Piraro—creator of the innovative, acclaimed, and much-beloved comic strip, “Bizarro,” which he’s drawn for more than 35 years, and in which animals (talking, and otherwise) often play a central role—surveys in a new "Talking...

Tampa Comic Con is still about the comics

The pageantry of the weird and the wonderful were in full regalia this weekend at the Tampa Bay Comic  Con. The event coordinators are anticipating nearly 60,000 attendees to pass through the halls of the...

Nerd culture education key at Tampa Comic Con

Nerd culture was alive and proud at Tampa Comic Con. August 1-3 saw fans, vendors, artists and Hollywood stars made the pilgrimage to the area’s 15th comic book convention. A common thread among the thousands...

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