Black and white COVID-19 coronavirus image from the CDC.

COVID-19 deaths down compared to last four years

©2024 The News Service of Florida Florida this year has had a reported 2,658 resident deaths linked to COVID-19, though the pace of deaths is lower than during the past four years, according to data...
medical worker

Florida has highest COVID-19 hospitalization rate in the nation, CDC says

Listen: Florida currently has the highest COVID-19 hospitalization rate in the nation. This comes as hospitalization rates rise across the country. As of Monday, 43 of Florida’s 67 counties reported moderate levels of weekly new...
Representatives from Gudedas and Ray Williams funeral homes

Funeral march for COVID-19 deaths

The national death toll related to the coronavirus outbreak in the United States is just surpassing 100,000, and several progressive activist organizations are pushing the state to provide more financial relief instead of reopening too...
This cardboard sign was placed in windows of residences where patients were quarantined due to polio.

Keep Off This Street:
The Epidemics of Polio and COVID19

The epidemics of polio and COVID19 Empty beaches, hollow pools, abandoned and quiet streets. Bans on gatherings. Fear layering daily activities with hesitation, and loss. While the Spanish Flu of 1918 is evoked by the...

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