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Radioactivity Thursday: Dark money and local elections; Militarization and police violence

August 6, 2020 Good Morning, welcome to radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei.  Coming up today we’ll get a look at the effect dark money has on local elections and later on we’ll look at whether or...
FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub

Update: vote means St. Pete could play a role in overturning Citizens United

Update: on Thursday Oct. 5, 2017 the St. Petersburg City Council voted 6-2 to advance this ordinance. Below is a story originally published on Oct. 27, 2016 and here is a link to a related...
FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub

How St. Pete could play a role in overturning Citizens United

If the U.S. Supreme Court ever overturns its Citizens United decision it might be because of an ordinance that’s being considered by St. Petersburg; on Thursday afternoon the City heard about an ordinance that would limit...
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Jeb Bush Super PAC got $1.3 million from Chinese company: The Intercept

An explosive new series of reports by The Intercept has found that “a corporation owned by a Chinese couple made a major donation to Jeb Bush’s Super PAC Right to Rise USA” in March of...

In St. Pete, Charlie Crist concedes governor’s race to Rick Scott

Charlie Crist won’t be Florida governor. He lost to incumbent governor Rick Scott in a tight, neck and neck race.

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