Donald Drumpf

Marco Rubio

Florida political scientists say Rubio’s time could run out

Does Senator Marco Rubio have a chance of derailing what one political scientist calls the “Drumpf Train” by earning all the delegates in his state’s winner-take all primary? Susan MacManus, a political science professor at...
Ahmad Hussam Peace House

Young Florida voters challenge Democrats on “superdelegates”

Some young Tampa filmmakers have set their sights on humorously criticizing the Democratic Party’s use of “superdelegates;” we interview a founder of Peace House and hear clips from Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate. There was a lot...
Laila Abdelaziz

Tampa Muslim reacts to “Islamophobic” joke by Florida legislator

This show is a look at Islamophobia in the Florida Legislature and on the presidential campaign trail; we spoke with a Tampa Muslim who says she was the victim of Islamophobic bigotry by a member of...

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