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Florida bill targeting trans driver’s license identification stalls in Senate, passes House

A bill forcing transgender people to identify their sex assigned at birth on their driver’s license will not be heard in the Senate.
Florida driver license

Florida changes its policy: the state won’t let people change the gender on their driver’s licenses and suggests transgender individuals with correct licenses are committing fraud

Ron DeSantis’ administration quietly reversed a policy allowing Floridians to obtain driver’s licenses that reflect their gender identity.
Florida driver license

Hawaii is dropped from the list of Driver Licenses that Florida won’t honor

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office announced a crackdown on driver’s licenses that would not be honored in Florida. Now the list is down to certain types of licenses from two states.
Florida driver license

Targeting immigrants, Florida announces a list of banned driver licenses from other states

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced driver’s licenses from other states that are invalid in Florida under a new law targeting undocumented immigrants.

Polk County Clerk of Court to waive court collection fees

  In an effort to get drivers on the road, the Polk County Clerk of Court will once again halt collection fees on unpaid balances for one day only. Many people have their driver’s licenses...
Florida driver license

How to get your driver license reinstated without fees in Polk County

If you need to reinstate your driver license in Polk County, you can do it without fees on April 2. It's happening in other counties, too.
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Hillsborough tax collector says Florida rule costs county millions

A few years ago the state Legislature made county tax collector offices perform some motor vehicle and driver license services. But that means the local offices are losing millions because the fees they charge don’t...

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