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Florida lawmakers look to curb public school student absenteeism

20.9 percent of students in Florida public schools missed 21 or more school days during the 2021-2022 academic year.
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A Florida House Republican files a bill for volunteer school chaplains

Under the bill, district school boards and charter-school governing boards would be required to vote about whether to approve chaplains.
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School superintendents from Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco weigh in on vouchers, cell phones and removing books from schools

We hear from the school superintendents from Pinellas (Kevin Hendrick), Pasco (Kurt Browning) and Hillsborough Counties (Van Ayres).
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Teachers challenge a new Florida law restricting the use of pronouns in schools

Teachers say a new Florida law restricting titles and pronouns unconstitutionally discriminates against transgender and nonbinary educators.
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Florida Senate committee backs bills deregulating education and testing standards

Listen: A Florida Senate committee supported three bills Tuesday that would deregulate certain aspects of public education. One bill would reduce the impact of tests needed for high schoolers to graduate and third graders to...
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Ron DeSantis proposes a $114 billion Florida budget; it’s criticized by the Florida Education Association teachers’ union

The proposed Florida budget includes tax cuts and spending on such things as teacher salary increases and police recruitment bonuses.
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Broward County students walk out after transgender athlete controversy

School staff are being investigated after a transgender student played on the girls’ volleyball team at a Broward County high school.
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Music program proposed for Florida middle schools

A Florida bill would supplement middle school science, technology, engineering and math education with “music-based” learning materials.
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Tampa Bay superintendents defend public education, criticize controversial voucher program

Listen: As Florida gained national attention for its sweeping legislation on K-12 Education, Tampa Bay superintendents spoke out on how they are tackling issues, including Florida’s controversial voucher program, in their respective counties. Pasco County...
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What would school “deregulation” mean in Florida? Bills point to eliminating some testing, diploma requirements and recess

Bills aimed at reducing regulations on public schools began moving forward Wednesday in a Florida Senate committee.

Florida lawmakers suggest ways to remove some regulations on school

Florida lawmakers are looking at ways to remove some regulations for public schools in the state.
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Florida officials move to take sociology off list of required social science courses, spurring a backlash

Higher-education officials eye changes at state universities, like a sociology course that deals with gender, sexuality and race.

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