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Tuesday, March 14 is Election Day for many Pinellas cities and towns — what you need to know

Tuesday, March 14 is Election Day for many Pinellas cities and towns. Here's what you need to know to vote.

Florida House panel backs changes to school board elections

A Florida House panel Wednesday moved forward with two proposals that would revamp county school-board elections.
Kirk Bogan with St. Luke AME Church and Jerry Nealy with St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church at the C. Blythe Andrews Library in East Tampa

Souls to the Polls gets out the early vote

In the weekend leading up to Tampa’s municipal election, the NAACP and members of historically African American churches gathered for Souls to the Polls at an early voting site to educate and encourage residents to...

MidPoint with Florida House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell

Rep, Driskell joined us to discuss the parade of horrible legislation that the Florida Republican-controlled legislature is planning now that they have a super-majority. Brian Connolly, Vice President of the USF Faculty Senate also joins...
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Florida Senate signs off on immigration & election bills

The Florida Senate passed bills that could help send migrants to “sanctuary” cities and bolster efforts to prosecute alleged election fraud.
Scales of Justice Law

Ten big legal battles to watch in 2023 in Florida and beyond

From abortion to Big Tech to guns, Florida heads into 2023 with courts weighing high-profile legal fights.

What’s The Matter With Florida?

Democrats did surprisingly well throughout the U.S. in the midterm elections, EXCEPT in Florida. What's the matter with Florida? We talk to local Democratic political leaders to find out.

Voices of Voters: What’s motivating me to vote

We asked voters: What's motivating you to vote this year? And do you remember the first time you voted? Listen to what they said.

Pre-Election Prognostications

Our Local political pundits and Friends of MidPoint, William March, Political Columnist from the Tampa Bay Times, and Mitch Perry, Political Reporter from The Florida Phoenix join us to discuss local races in the upcoming...

Political strategist Maya Brown on the midterm elections

With just a week to go before the final day of voting, Democratic political consultant Maya Brown joined WaveMakers to talk midterms
abortion rights rally

MidPoint: FL House Rep. Michele Rayner Discusses the Election

Michele Rayner is going to be re-elected to the Florida House, but she’s still worried about this election. Rayner has been gerrymandered into a new Democratic District 62.

MidPoint: Why Are My Electric Bills So High??

Monopolistic electric utilities in Florida have been caught cheating, scamming, and funding ghost candidates in our elections to maintain their outsize influence in State politics and keep their profits soaring.

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