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coral disease

Historic coral disease outbreak spreading in Florida

A newly-published scientific paper describes a massive coral disease outbreak in Florida that is “arguably one of the most lethal ever recorded on a contemporary coral reef.” The lead author of the study, William Precht,...
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Hot 2015 leads to coral bleaching in Florida Keys

This summer’s record-breaking heat has led to a predictable outcome: there’s a serious coral bleaching episode in the Florida Keys. Mote Marine Laboratory coral health and disease program manager Erinn Muller says the current bleaching...

Florida scientists warn about ocean acidification

There are at least three major ways that skyrocketing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are affecting the oceans and species, like humans, that depend on them; you probably already know about soaring temperatures...
coral bleaching

Warm waters causing widespread bleaching in Florida corals

Warm waters causing widespread bleaching in Florida corals

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