VP Who? Hollywood Vs China. Symphony Of Empathy.

At some point in 2024 Trump will have to reluctantly share the stage with the person he selects as his running mate for the general election. In normal times with conventional behavior a presidential candidate’s...

Debate About the Gun Bills Being Proposed in Tallahassee

WMNF Radioactivity Jan 25 17 Good morning, Welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. When the legislature begins its annual two month session in March it will likely consider several gun bills—including bills to allow guns...

Friday’s Radioactivity and MidPoint Review the 1st GOP Presidential Debate

Both Rob Lorei on Radioactivity at 11am, and Janelle Irwin on MidPoint at noon, will talk about the debate and take your calls. Rob promises it will be pretty funny, and something about a drinking...

In St. Pete, Charlie Crist concedes governor’s race to Rick Scott

Charlie Crist won’t be Florida governor. He lost to incumbent governor Rick Scott in a tight, neck and neck race.

GOP presidential candidates debate in Tampa

More than 100 tea party groups attended. Candidates were fired up and ready to answer questions from the Tea Party, while seeking their support on their path to the White House.

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