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“Really, really good” that Guantanamo detainee may testify about abuse: sister-in-law

Update Thursday 2 June 2016: Abu Zubaydah is in the courtroom today and is expected to testify. According to the Twitter feed of Miami Herald‘s Carol Rosenberg, another witness is saying that both he and...

Women’s Show discusses SOTU – Guantanamo?…TPP?…1/14

https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/10734398214 Did you hear the SOTU Tuesday night?  Powerful words.  However, although President Obama has promised for the last 7 years that he would close Guantanamo, he has not; even though he has executive power...
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Floridians for Solar Choice aiming for 2018, not 2016

It’s been speculated for a while, but Monday for the first time the executive director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy said for certain the Floridians for Solar Choice question will not be on this...

Abu Zubaydah’s sister-in-law responds to his “sadistic” torture at hands of CIA

Abu Zubaydah's sister-in-law responds to his "sadistic" torture at hands of CIA

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