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Florida House considers upping state civil penalties for interrupting the transmission and distribution of natural gas

The bill could allow the Florida PSC “to maintain full delegated inspection enforcement authority over the natural gas utilities.”
Housing prices / rentals inflation / Homeowner assistance

How Florida homeowners and renters can apply for financial assistance

Financial assistance is available for Florida homeowners and for renters who have been impacted by the COVID-19 economy.
Sabal Trail pipeline and DAPL protest

FERC updates its policy on greenhouse gasses and natural gas pipelines

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has updated its policy on natural gas pipelines. A Tampa member of Congress is happy with the change. 
Sabal Trail pipeline and DAPL protest

Sierra Club challenging Sabal Trail pipeline in court

A pipeline that will carry natural gas from Alabama through Georgia into Central Florida is nearly complete; but the Sierra Club is still challenging the Sabal Trail pipeline in court. On Tuesday, Sierra Club staff...
Sabal Trail route

8 arrests during MLK Day pipeline protests in Florida

Eight activists protesting construction of a natural gas pipeline were arrested in North Florida Monday; the Martin Luther King Day arrests mostly involved trespassing charges or failure to disperse. WMNF interviewed Kevin Rodengen with Sacred Water Camp,...
Sabal Trail pipeline and DAPL protest

Update on Florida’s Sabal Trail gas pipeline arrests

Construction of the Sabal Trail oil pipeline continues in north Florida and central Florida; in the past week there have been two people arrested during north Florida protests of pipeline. Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson of the Sierra...
Sabal Trail route

Florida resident supports pipeline on his property

There are several protests planned around the state Saturday against construction of the Sabal Trail pipeline; environmentalists have voiced concern about destruction of the natural environment during construction of the pipeline and about explosions, leaks...
Sabal Trail pipeline and DAPL protest

Florida resident says pipeline construction is harming her land

A property owner in Citrus County says part of her land was scarred by Sabal Trail pipeline construction Wednesday. Kathy Lane lives on five acres about midway between Crystal River and Dunnellon in a rural...
Sabal Trail route

Protest outside Duke in St. Pete against Florida pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline — the site of major protests and where journalist Amy Goodman had charges dismissed Monday — isn’t the only fossil fuel pipeline that’s drawing controversy; here in Florida, environmentalists are protesting...

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