Report shows Floridians support single-use plastic regulation

The Florida DEP released a report that shows increased support among Floridians and local governments to regulate single-use plastics.
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Greenpeace: forget the plastic; Reusables Are Doable even during coronavirus

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources You may be thinking about how to protect the environment even during the pandemic. Disposables, including plastics, are commonly used these days in order to prevent the...
plastic plastics straw ban

St. Petersburg will vote to regulate plastic straws and polystyrene containers

As soon as next Thursday St. Petersburg City Council will vote to regulate single-use plastics; council will consider an outright ban on all plastic straws in restaurants, with an exception for people who have a...
plastic straw ban

St. Pete City Council committee favors voluntary plastic straw reduction over ban

Next month, St. Pete City Council will consider an ordinance to comprehensively look at how the city deals with all kinds of disposable plastics: from straws, to bags and polystyrene containers. In a committee today...
plastic plastics straw ban

St. Pete begins discussion on best way to reduce plastics

On Thursday morning St. Petersburg City Council began its discussion on how to reduce or eliminate plastic straws – and it may expand to other single-use plastics. No decisions were made at the meeting of...
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St. Pete businesses unveil voluntary plastics-reduction program; environmentalists want more

This Thursday, the St. Petersburg City Council will begin to discuss how to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in the city; and Tuesday morning a coalition of restaurant owners and civic groups unveiled a...

Law student pushing for plastic straw ban in Gulfport

The south Pinellas County beach community of Gulfport might consider banning single-use plastic straws; at the city council meeting Tuesday evening, a law student is introducing the idea of a straw ban in Gulfport restaurants....
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The health & environmental effects of all that plastic in Florida waters

The Florida Microplastic Awareness Project has found plastic pollution in waters across nearly all of Florida; so, what does that mean for human health and the environment? To find out, WMNF News spoke with David...

Jeremy Irons warns BLUE Ocean fest about pollution dangers to oceans

Jeremy Irons warns BLUE Ocean fest about pollution dangers to oceans

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