Florida redistricting

Florida lawmakers appeal in their redistricting testimony fight

Florida lawmakers are fighting giving depositions in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a congressional redistricting plan.
Florida redistricting

Judges clear the way for a case on Florida’s congressional redistricting

Federal judges have refused to toss out a lawsuit alleging Florida's congressional redistricting is “intentionally racially discriminatory.”
Florida redistricting

A judge is weighing a request to shield Florida lawmakers and the DeSantis administration in a congressional redistricting case

A judge is weighing a request to shield Florida lawmakers and the DeSantis administration in a congressional redistricting case.
Andrew Warren suspended by Ron DeSantis

Opponents of Florida’s congressional redistricting plan attempt to shield lawmakers from testifying

Opponents of a congressional redistricting plan pushed by Ron DeSantis are fighting an effort to shield key lawmakers from testifying.
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DeSantis seeks to shield redistricting documents

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration is fighting to prevent the release of documents in a lawsuit challenging Florida redistricting.
Florida redistricting

LWV of Florida says the governor has too much influence on Congressional redistricting

The 2nd VP of the League of Women Voters of Florida says DeSantis' redistricting map is an "unprecedented autocratic move by our governor."

State Senator Darryl Rouson presents an alternative Congressional map

Florida’s Special legislative session to redraw Congressional maps begins. Darryl Rouson presents maps to consider at Special Session.

New Florida Legislative maps have been submitted to Supreme Court and were not opposed

Florida’s state legislative redistricting maps are not being opposed. The Senate and House might give Democrats more seats.
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Hillsborough School Board narrows redistricting plans

Hillsborough County School Board narrows down redistricting plans from six to three, a final vote is expected Thursday.

Local redistricting is happening in Tampa Bay counties

WMNF looks at redistricting in Hillsborough County and elsewhere with the League of Women Voters and a GIS expert.

A closer look at the redistricting process in Florida

WMNF takes a deep dive into the redistricting process in Florida with Ellen Freidin, chair of the coalition known as Fair Districts Now.

Census data is out and redistricting has begun, but advocates warn of continued secrecy

The process to reapportion Florida’s political lines began in earnest with Thursday’s release of population data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Advocates are warning of secrecy on both sides of the aisle. Even after courts...

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