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Are climate and energy policies under Governor Ron DeSantis helping or hurting Florida?

Gov. Ron DeSantis is pledging to promote fossil fuel development instead of renewable energy as Florida faces many climate threats.
solar power

Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition will help counties adapt to climate change

Next week the region will create a Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition to work together for solutions to problems caused by climate change; next Monday (October 8), local leaders will sign a memorandum of understanding...
chronic flood risk via Union of Concerned Scientists report on sea-level rise

1 million Florida homes at risk of chronic floods by 2100: UCS study

A new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists says “within the next 30 years, roughly 64,000 homes in Florida … will be at risk” of chronic floods from sea-level rise. On WMNF’s MidPoint we...
Susan Glickman / SACE / climate change / West Coast Climate Compact

Does Tampa Bay need a West Coast Climate Compact?

The Tampa Bay region is one of the most vulnerable in the U.S. to the devastating effects of climate change, including rising sea level; that’s why the Florida Director of the Southern Alliance for Clean...
power plant / Seán Kinane/WMNF News

All you need to know about the Florida Public Service Commission

The Florida Public Service Commission regulates utilities in the state. It’s been in the news lately because a former state legislator resigned from consideration after allegations of sexual misconduct. For more about the Florida PSC,...
Dwight Duldley on fossil fuel divestment

St. Petersburg will stop buying fossil fuel bonds

St. Petersburg will stop investing in fossil fuel bonds because of the contribution of oil companies to climate disruption — Mayor Rick Kriseman made the announcement on Facebook Thursday — but a City Council member...

Bi-partisan efforts lead 2016 ballot initiative to expand solar power choice in Florida.

Bi-partisan efforts leads 2016 ballot initiative to expand solar power choice in Florida.

Florida Director of The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy says Duke Energy wants to end conservation goals

Rob Lorei discusses two events taking place this Tuesday to raise awareness and public understanding of the actions taken by big monopoly utilities like Duke Energy.

Florida’s giant private utility companies push to cut back on their energy conservation programs

There’s a big debate this week in Tallahassee about whether the giant private utility companies will be allowed to cut back on their energy conservation programs.

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