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Ron DeSantis

DeSantis calls to defund UN amid Israel-Hamas ceasefire plea, faces criticism as popularity hits historic low

Listen: After the United Nations called for a ceasefire amid the Israel-Hamas war, Governor Ron DeSantis wants the nation to defund the UN. “Defund the UN, I mean are you kidding me? What a farce.”...

“Commemorating World Humanitarian Day” on Morning Energy

World Humanitarian Day is a global celebration dedicated to honoring people who have dedicated and in some cases lost their lives during their steadfast commitment towards helping others. World Humanitarian Day was founded by the...

Russian involvement in Syria might be diverting attention from Russian plans for Eastern Europe

Professor of Russian History warns the Syrian crisis might be just one move in a chess game being played by Vladimir Putin. Last evening in Saint Petersburg, Bill Parsons, professor emeritus of history and Russian...
Palestine flag

Reaction in Palestine to flag vote in United Nations

Later this month the flag of Palestine will be raised at U.N. headquarters in New York; that’s after an overwhelming vote last week by the U.N. General Assembly allowing Palestine and the Holy See to raise their...

Retired United Nations peacekeeper reflects on the Rwandan genocide

On Wednesday, retired United Nations peacekeeper Romeo Dallaire spoke to University of Tampa students about the Rwandan genocide.

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