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St. Pete Beach Republican Rep. Linda Chaney files a bill lifting limits on how long teens can work in Florida

The bill would delete part of Florida law saying 16- or 17-year-olds can’t work before 6:30 am or after 11 pm.

Walt Disney World labor unions reject offer

The collection of six labor unions representing 38,000 full time and part-time Walt Disney World employees recently rejected a minor wage increase from the tourism giant. WMNF News interviewed Ed Chambers, president of the United...

Unions fight for living wage for Disney workers

Thousands of unionized workers at Walt Disney World parks are negotiating for a wage increase and other benefits; and like what happened after previous wage hikes, the laborers hope that if they win a victory,...

Insults fly in discussion of immigration policy under Trump

The controversial topic of immigration policy under President Trump led to a fiercer-than normal debate at the typically polite Suncoast Tiger Bay Club in St. Petersburg Friday afternoon; it got off to a steamy start even by...

Fight for $15 rally in Tampa part of a bigger social & living wage movement

Strikes, walkouts and rallies in Tampa and Saint Petersburg were part of a nationwide protest demanding a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage. Tuesday’s events in the Tampa Bay metro area culminated with a rally...

Democratic firebrand Alan Grayson dispatches good news to minimum wage workers

Congressman Alan Grayson urges for Florida low wage earners to unionize. In a roundtable discussion, the congressman spoke with 10 or so minimum-wage workers, last Saturday at Tampa Letter Carriers Hall. Alan Grayson ramps up...

Hillsborough County Commission moving to stop wage theft

Hillsborough County Commission voted to have an attorney draft a wage theft ordinance.

May Day rally for labor and immigration rights in Ybor City

May Day rally for labor and immigration rights in Ybor City

Preview of May Day labor and immigration rally in Tampa

Preview of May Day labor and immigration rally in Tampa

Workers strike and rally in St. Petersburg demanding higher minimum wage

The fight for $15 movement, advocating a $15 an hour minimum wage, took their grievance to the steps of Saint Pete City Hall.

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