The ocean as power plant

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Last month at the University of South Florida, researchers from around the state gathered to discuss all types of renewable energies. Compared with some other technologies, energy from the ocean energy is undeveloped but shows potential.

Commercial ocean energy harvesting systems do not exist today. Many efforts are underway around the world, but there is no unifying infrastructure in the United States or abroad to support wider technology development.

At the Center for Ocean Energy Technology, they will use an Open Ocean Laboratory to test the potential for utilizing the power of local ocean currents in electricity generation.

Florida Atlantic University’s Howard Hanson described one of the Center’s proposed methods for energy generation. He also outlined the possible environmental impacts and also the challenges of researching the viability of ocean turbines that have not yet been anticipated.

The Center for Ocean Energy Technology maintains that harnessing ocean energy would have a significant economic impact for Florida, creating a new industry and over 26,500 new Florida-based jobs, transforming Florida from an energy importer to a leader in energy exports. Not only would Florida achieve energy independence, but a new economic sector would be established to generate billions of dollars in revenue.