Three Local Solar Experts

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Our guests today on the Sustainable Living Program included one of John Butts dear friends and a local solar energy hero, Pat Mahoney. Lately he’s been helping others (usually for free) consider and install solar electric and solar hotwater systems. In the process of helping, Pat has been having problems with permitting and other soft costs, and he talked about these issues on the show. Pat listened to the latest Florida Public Service Commission meeting that concluded with dropping all current funding for solar from Florida utilities in September. He felt this was very unfair locally and that nationally the entire solar industry is being threatened by fracking–especially by the natural gas industry. Another local solar expert, John Gambil, also joined the show. He just got his Electric Vehicle Conversion Car on the road and is charging it with an additional solar array on his home. There are also a couple of panels on the car. As a local solar dealer (Hotwire Enterprises) he’s always a well informed guest on solar. A new guest to the show was another local expert solar installer that’s been in the solar business since 1986. Solar Dave Oldack is the owner of Advanced Energy Construction in Dunedin. He talked about different kinds of solar water and electric systems and how the costs have dropped dramatically. Pat is planning a Solar Party on October 18 at his and partner Rosiland’s home in Plant City, and you can meet these great guests there. Contact Pat at 352-804-8331 or [email protected]