Towers in the Sand A History of Florida Broadcasting

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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity- coming up we’ll talk about how the tax bill in Washington will affect Medicare—the program that provides medical coverage for millions of Floridians. And we’ll talk about how John Morgan’s announcement that he will not run for governor next year as a Democrat- how that will affect the other candidates who have already announced. And we’ll hear about a new book (Towers in the Sand) that covers the almost 100 year history of radio and TV stations in Florida.

Next- a look at state and local politics on Florida This Week.

That’s Florida This Week which airs Friday nights on WEDU TV. My guests on that program Bill Bunting R, Kathleen McCrory J, Rita Ferrandino D, and Chris O’Donnell

Next, we’ll hear about the history of broadcasting in Florida. A new book called TOWERS IN THE SAND for the first time looks at the history of radio and TV stations in Florida. Newspapers leave behind a printed legacy—and it’s easier to write a history about newspapers. But TV and radio is more ephemeral. There is no archive of local TV film and video going back to the early days in the late 1940’s. And most radio shows and news reports from the 95 year history of radio in Florida have been lost—there is no archive with a comprehensive collection. Our guest Donn Colee Jr. has written the first comprehensive history of radio and TV in Florida.

We’ll talk about a crusading TV station in Orlando that fought for civil rights; WDAE- the first radio station in Florida and the increasing corporate ownership of TV stations.

Donn Collee will be speaking this Wednesday at the Tampa Bay History Center at 6:30PM.