Trump-supporting St. Pete rapper wants you to be in his music video tribute to woman killed in Capitol insurrection this Sunday

Kurt Jantz, aka Forgiato Blow, appears with Christine Quinn in the music video for his song Trump Train. YouTube.

A St. Petersburg-based rapper known for his devoted support of former President Donald Trump is filming a music video for a song dedicated to the woman killed during the Capitol insurrection this Sunday. And he wants you to appear in it.


His songs have titles like Patriots with Attitude and feature lavish praise for Trump and hate groups like the Proud Boys amid rebukes of President Joe Biden.

“Sleepy Joe, 2020’s Al Gore. Trump 2020. We just want four more. Watermark the Bidens we just won’t stop.  Proud Boy approved got me banned from the Gram. True Americans know who I really am.”

Christine Quinn, a Republican who lost a Congressional bid against Kathy Castor in November appeared dancing in the music video for his song Trump Train.

“Gonne ride this train until the wheels fall off. Not some silent majority gonna show them who’s boss. Sleepy Joe Tryna beat us. Democrats always cheating. Ain’t no way. They trying to take our freedom.”


Forigiato Blow, 36, was born and raised in St. Pete. His real name is Kurt Jantz. And he’s the grandson Stuart Arnold, the man who started a publishing empire in the 70s with Auto Trader Magazine. Jantz initially gained a level of prominence touring with fellow rapper Vanilla Ice. The two also appeared on a song featuring fellow Florida rapper Rick Ross.

But more recently, Jantz’s rap persona has been defined by his support for Trump. He’s appeared at rallies and events in a massive, lifted pick-up truck painted with the image of a muscle-bound Trump firing a large machine gun. It’s also got a big American Flag and the number ’45.’

The truck appears in most of his YouTube videos. Some of them have plays in the millions. There’s also seas of Trump flags, including some Trump 2024 Flags. He’s also often seen toting assault-style rifles and Trump attire, sometimes literally from head to toe.

His most recent album is called Magaveli. A portmanteau of Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan and Tupac Shakur’s Machiavelli album.

The Tribute

His latest song, Ashli Babbitt, was released this week. It’s a tribute to Ashli Babbitt, the San Diego woman shot and killed during the Capitol riot. Babbitt, who was also a supporter of conspiracy theory Q Anon, had traveled to Washington to protest  Biden’s presidential win. In posts and videos from her social media, Babbitt said she believed the false accusations of a stolen election.

“Ashli Babbit. Yeah you know we hold you in prayer. Ashli Babbitt. Yeah you know your soul’s in the air. Ashli Babbitt yeah you know true patriots care. Left your blood up on the battle ground. Life isn’t fair.”

Trump was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives for his role in inciting the insurrection.

The song also references Jantz’s own involvement in the march on the Capitol, but claims he never went inside.

“RIP to anybody who lost their life in the Capitol, man. Jan. 6. On Both sides. I saw it with my own eyes. My feet were out there. I was not in the Capitol though. Never stepped foot in no Capitol. I was just out there seeing it firsthand. I put a lot of time in for Trump. We put a lot of time in for Trump.”

In addition to Babbit’s death, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was dragged outside by rioters and beaten to death on the Capitol steps. Two other officers died by suicide after the riot.

Jantz put a call out on his social media this week for anyone who wants to come wave signs or hold candles in a video for the Babbitt tribute. He asked for “RIP signs or any patriot signs you create.” Filming starts at 101 55th St S in St. Petersburg at 3:30 pm.

Jantz declined to comment for this story.


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