Two New Must Reads & Must Hear New Music! (on Life Elsewhere)

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After a deadly terrorist bombing at the American embassy in Lebanon in 1983, only one man inside the CIA possessed the courage and skills to rebuild the networks destroyed in the blast: William Buckley. But the new Beirut station chief quickly became the target of a young terrorist named Imad Mughniyeh. This riveting story is told in a pulse-by-pulse account of Buckley’s abduction, torture, and murder at the hands of Hezbollah terrorists in Beirut Rules: The Murder Of A CIA Station Chief & Hezbollah’s War Against America. Co-author, Samuel Katz joins Norman B to detail the extensive research he did, along with Fred Burton, drawing on never-before-seen government documents as well as interviews with Buckley’s co-workers, friends and family, They reveal how the relentless search for Buckley in the wake of his kidnapping ignited a war against terror that continues to shape the Middle East to this day. Plus, what do you know about Elon Musk? What do you think of his Tesla cars? Hamish McKenzie worked for Musk and Tesla for a year. He learned a great deal about the billionaire entrepreneur and his electric car company. Hamish’s new book, Insane Mode: How Elon Musk’s Tesla Sparked An Electric Revolution To End the Age of Oil tells how a Silicon Valley start-up’s wild dream came true. The New Zealand native’s rigorously reported account shows how Tesla triggered frenzied competition from newcomers and traditional automakers alike. Hamish’s winning enthusiasm for his story, is captivating, especially when he describes his first ride in a self-driving, Tesla Model X. Also in the show, new music from 18-year-old Arlo Parks a rising talent from London we will keep a watchful eye on. Cola, the track we’ll play is a tender, poetic and confessional introduction to an artist who holds such promise.

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