University of South Florida criminology professor debuts true crime series

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A University of South Florida criminology professor is featured in a new true crime docuseries. WMNF reports that the Tampa professor wants to shed light on why killers kill.

The Lesson is Murder follows University of South Florida criminology Associate professor Bryanna Fox and her five graduate students as they show the reality of how researchers analyze convicted murderers’ personality traits and motives to develop psychological profiles.

“There’s so much interest in true crime right now, but oftentimes I watch these shows and think ‘That’s not real!’ so we actually wanted to show the reality.”

On the show, she interviews three killers on death row, including former Texas nurse William Davis who killed at least 7 patients with fatal injections.

“He had a family, he had kids that he played with, he was a loving husband, he had a house with a pool, and lived in a nice neighborhood with a very loving family. How could someone like that go on to do something like this?”

Despite the show’s dark themes, Fox hopes viewers can learn a positive lesson.

“The big takeaway is what can we learn from these cases to prevent future crimes from happening? If we know things about the red flags we can explain to the public ‘these are the red flags you can look for and here’s what you can see or do’”

The first season of the Lesson is Murder is streaming on Hulu.