Watch John Morgan’s speech in Ybor City

John Morgan

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Orlando attorney John Morgan spoke Friday at the Cuban Club in Ybor City for the Tampa Tiger Bay Club.

Morgan led a successful drive to add medical marijuana to the Florida Constitution in 2016.

Morgan says that as he gets older and loses weight his “last big crusade” will be to get a minimum wage increase into the Florida Constitution through a ballot initiative next November.

If it passes, it would increase the state’s minimum wage to ten dollars an hour, then a dollar more per year until it reaches fifteen dollars an hour.

“Forty percent of Americans do not have $400 in case of an emergency. Forty percent!”


Morgan’s phone rang twice during the speech. The first time he quipped that it was his preferred presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The second time he joked that it was his second choice, Elizabeth Warren.

Morgan joked that he got his doctor to prescribe medical marijuana for post-traumatic stress he got from Donald Trump being president.

Morgan also answered a question about why he might sue former gubernatorial candidate, Democrat Andrew Gillum.

“At the end of the (2018) campaign Andrew Gillum called me and said, ‘I can win this thing. I just need more money.’ And within a couple of days before the vote I sent another $250,000.’

“Then I found out at the end of it all he didn’t spend $3.7 million dollars. He kept it. … (Ron) DeSantis was pouing more money in to beat Andrew. And then Andrew didn’t spend the money.

“Now he has that money. If you gave somebody $250,000 to build an orphanage and they didn’t build an orphanage, you want your money back? I want my damned money back!”


Later Morgan suggested that Gillum could use his leftover campaign funds to pay the fines and fees that are keeping some felons from regaining their voting rights.

Watch the speech here: