WEDU Adds Programs After WUSF TV Goes Off Air and One Of America’s Top Iran Scholars Looks At Trump’s Attack On Nuclear Deal

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Radioactivity 10 17 2017

Good morning, this is WMNF’s Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei.

Coming up we’ll talk with an American scholar about President Trump’s threat to scuttle the nuclear deal with Iran.

But first- until this past Sunday the Tampa Bay area had been one of the few areas in the country to enjoy two public TV stations- WEDU and WUSF. On Sunday after 51 years of serving the Tampa Bay area —WUSF channel 16 signed off the air. The University sold its rights to the channel 16 broadcast frequency in an auction for $18.7 million dollars. That part of the spectrum will now be used by cell phone companies.

WEDU TV remains on the air and will expand the amount of programs it offers to the public.
In the interest of full disclosure I am a contractor at WEDU where I host a weekly program called Florida This Week.

We’re joined now by Susan Howarth who is President and CEO of WEDU.
Have questions about WEDU’s new channels and schedule? Call WEDU @ 813-254-9338.
Part Two:

Yesterday President Donald Trump repeated his threat to withdraw the United States from the landmark Iran nuclear weapons deal, while holding out the possibility that renegotiating the accord may prevent America from backing out of the deal.
In all several countries including the US are party to the agreement– Iran, Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the European Union.
We’re joined now by WILLIAM BEEMAN, he is the author of The ‘Great Satan’ vs. the ‘Mad Mullahs’: How the United States and Iran Demonize Each Other, Beeman is chair of the Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota. He’s been covering events in Iran for 40 years.
Beeman recommends a book about Iran called Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare (Just World Books)