What’s happening to the American middle class?

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After the economic downturn 7 years ago- wages have not recovered college tuitions are skyrocketing, low paying service jobs are on the rise. Young people fear they will not be as financially well off as their parents- -given what’s happening to the US economy.

Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks to the author of WHO STOLE THE AMERICAN DREAM, Hedrick Smith.

Historians and philosophers have long pointed out that a strong middle class is a basis for a stable democracy. Aristotle said that the best political community is formed when the middle class is larger than any other class. Our guest writes that in the past three decades America’s middle class has shrunk- due to deliberate policies pushed by a re-energized business lobby in Washington. Hedrick Smithshared a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Pentagon Papers. He was for many years the New York Times Washington DC bureau chief.