Women’s Show 2/22- Who Protects the Children?

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The harder I run, the more I seem to barely stay in place……..

The Olympics are going on.  We see the pomp and circumstance and the extraordinary achievements of these young world class athletes.  If these were more normal times, we could exult and marvel with them.  But who is watching out for the welfare of the children?  Among others, Nancy Hogshead Makar, former competition swimmer who represented the United States at the 1984 Summer Olympics, is.  She won three gold medals and one silver.   After retiring from competitive swimming she became a lawyer, writer, and asthma spokesperson.  She has been aware and exposing the sexual assault scandal of Olympic athletes in swimming, wrestling and other Olympic sports long before the scandalous tragedy of Nassar and the gymnasts, the lack of response by the officials and MSU.  She has probably been too busy working to protect athletes to watch these Olympics.  She will discuss this scandalous tragedy.

Who protects the children?  Who stalks the halls?

 What dark shadow explodes with the dark fury of an AR-15?  This weapon was designed for the military for rapid, easy killing.  How do we protect the children?  Sensible gun control measures?  Better mental health services?  Limited ammunition magazines?  Why do we have this love affair with guns and AR-15s?  Other nations don’t.  They aren’t killing their children.  The average mass assassin is a white male.  He is not a  teenager, he is not a minority and he most likely has assaulted women.  The incidence of violence among teenagers has gone markedly down.  In three states – New York, California and Texas – the incidence of gun violence has dropped markedly.  Why? And why aren’t we looking to see why? Mike Males, American sociologist,senior researcher for the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, San Francisco, and content director for YouthFacts.org, the online information service on youth issues, will discuss some of these issues.  Maybe we haven’t been asking the right questions.


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