Women’s Show celebrates Earth Day with Shana Smith and Trish Williams Mello

Meditation written by Shana Smith

It seems somewhat ironic to have a day celebrating Earth Day – if we truly celebrated Mother Earth, we would not be trying to destroy her…..

Many individuals are trying hard to clean up the environment, to reverse climate change, to stop the despoliation of our air and water.  But the systems that run our world are not.  Power and greed, mine-blast-dredge are the order of the day.  Profit rules.  Yes, we have an election campaign, and we must pay careful attention to the comments and records of candidates, but we cannot expect the change we so desperately need to come from the top. We must be the change that we seek.  How has it come to this?

When the very life of your mother is at stake – and this is the mother of us all – it reflects a moral and spiritual weakness in all of us.  In the chaos and the fear of our times, we are so worried about surviving, that we seemingly feel helpless to stop ourselves.  So it is up to each one of us, not only to do what we can, but to come from a center that empowers our state of being rather than threatening it.  

And to help us on this path, Shana Smith (Shana Banana), yes, the mom, the musician, the marine biologist, the teacher and writer, that Shana Banana you know who is so great with kids it is almost magic to watch them in operation.  But she is also an avid practitioner of Zen and Meditation and she has written a book, Meditation for Moms and Dads: 108 Tips for Mindful Parents and Caregivers. 

Shana, with her husband Dan, converted their property in Gainesville to a retreat center and run the meditation and yoga based Gainesville Retreat Center.  She will join us on Thursday’s show to talk about the reasons  for her life-long devotion to Zen and Mediation.

We will also have Trish Williams Mello from the Los Alamos Study Group on the show, discussing America’s trillion dollar modernization and miniaturization of our nuclear arsenal.

In honor of Earth Day on Friday, do something kind for Mother Earth and for yourself and your loved ones. Again, we must be the change that we seek.

Tune into From a Woman’s Point of View, on Thursday at 10 am.

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