Women’s Show …Cuba and Immigration to the Forefront

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Did you know how big of an economic contribution undocumented immigrants make to this country each year?- Let’s try $11.7 billion. In Florida alone its about $547 million. Their economic contributions are so great that we can no longer do without them. This week we will have Michelle Chen, writer for The Nation and editor at In These Times, about the contributions undocumented immigrants make and the problems experienced in this neo-colonial economy.

In a historic move, President Barack Obama visited Cuba this week, being the first president in nearly 90 years to visit the country. Sujatha Fernandes, Professor at Queens College and the Graduate Center and author of Cuba Represent! Cuban Arts, State Power and the Making of New Revolutionary Cultures will be discussing her thoughts on President Obama’s visit and the state of Cuba today.

From a Woman’s Point of View will air Thursday, March 23 at 10 am.