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Friday September 19, 2014

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Transforming cafeteria menus with chef Tony Geraci and new documentary satire exposes political corruption

Today Radioactivity looks at an innovative way to fight obesity among youth and later explores a new film PAY TO PLAY that's getting rave reviews for exposing the grim reality behind today’s campaign finance system.

Rob Lorei speaks to Chef Tony Geraci about his work in public schools. First in Baltimore (where he was hired after students walked to the School Board with their lunches and asked the Board members to taste them) and now in Memphis, Chef Tony has transformed cafeteria menu...

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Keya Chatterjee

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People’s Climate March

People’s Climate March – Sunday, September 21

Maybe we should remind ourselves the planet can survive without us. We cannot say the same for ourselves. We are very seriously affecting the systems on this earth which afford us life on this planet. Next week world leaders are coming to the UN Global Summit to discuss measures to deal with climate change. But we people know we can’t wait. We can’t do it alone. The governments must help us. Millions...

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Block the Boat Tampa's first action on 30 August 2014.

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Tampa activists will try again to block ship of Israeli company

A cargo ship that was the target last month of human rights activists boycotting Israeli companies is on its way back to Port Tampa Bay. And the group Block the Boat Tampa will be back at the port beginning Saturday morning to try to stop the Zim Alabama from unloading its cargo.

Thursday WMNF interviewed Dezeray Lyn, an organizer with Block the Boat Tampa.

Previous WMNF News coverage:

[Activists at P...

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Why do consumers lose at the Florida PSC?

Today on Last Call Rob Lorei fills in for Warren Elly and interviews Nancy Argenziano who is a former member of the Florida Public Service Commission and a former Republican member of the state legisilature. She discussed why utility companies have so much more influence now over rate decisions by the Florida Public Service Commission. She also talked about why consumers and b...

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Historian Robert Westman,

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Science Historian explains the findings of Copernicus and his contribution to early modern science

In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus publicly defended his hypothesis that the earth is a planet revolving together with five other planets around a stationary sun. Historians often describe Copernicus’s proposal as the beginning of the Scientific Revolution. But why did Copernicus make this bold proposal? And why did it matter?

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks with Historian Robert Westman, professor of History and Science Studies at the University of California, San Diego about this top...

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Florida Governor Rick Scott.

photo by Janelle Irwin/WMNF News (May 2014).

Army reservist sues Gov. Scott saying he was illegally fired after being deployed to Afghanistan

An Army reservist is suing the administration of Florida Governor Rick Scott because he claims he was illegally fired after being deployed to Afghanistan. Master Sergeant Walter Kreitlow had been employed in law enforcement since 1989. But he says on his third overseas deployment he was terminated from his position with the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation. In a conference call with reporters this morning, Kreitlow’s attorney Thomas Dickens said in doing so, the Scott ...

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Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin Beckner (r) with Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

photo by Janelle Irwin/WMNF News (Dec 2013).

Hillsborough County moves ahead with domestic partner registry

Hillsborough County is one step closer to instituting a Domestic Partner Registry, where couples can sign up for legal protections, regardless of their marital status -- the commission voted unanimously Wednesday morning to move forward, after some discussion and public comment.

The proposal was introduced by Commissioner Kevin Beckner.

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President Barak Obama MacDill Air Force Base

photo by Samuel Johnson

President Obama tells MacDill troops no US ground combat in Iraq or Syria

Wednesday in Tampa President Barack Obama reiterated that American troops would not have a combat role in the fight against militants in Iraq and Syria. This comes after the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff suggested Tuesday that there could be U.S. “boots on the ground” if the situation warranted.

After meeting with advisers at U.S. Central Command on MacDill Air Force Base, the president told about 1,200 members of the military they won’t be sent to Iraq for a ground war.

After th...

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photo by Florida For All

Tampa protesters pass out "#ShadyRick Hand Sanitizer" at Rick Scott fundraiser

Florida Governor Rick Scott is attending a fundraiser Tuesday evening in Tampa; and outside, protesters will be handing out hand sanitizers they say will help keep peoples hands free of dirty politics.

WMNF interviewed Ana Tinsly, a spokesperson for Florida for All, one of the groups organizing what they’re calling the “#ShadyRick Hand Sanitizers” protest.

The protest begins at 5:30 p.m. at The Oxford Exchange, 420 West Kennedy Boulevard.

Other organizers include Awake Pinellas, Aw...

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