Life in a Democratic Socialist country; Looming water crises threatening Florida.

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By Rob Lorei

During last nights GOP debate,  Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said  democratic candidate Bernie Sanders ” is a good candidate — for president of Sweden. We don’t want to be Sweden, we want to be the United States of America.”, reiterating a common attack of Sanders’  socialist leanings as un-American. Our guest for the first part of the show, Ann Jones, lived in Norway a Fulbright Fellow and witnessed first-hand the Scandinavian approach to work and family life, and their high regard and trust in their government. She talks about her impressions of Norway during her four years there starting in 2011. She recently penned an article for TomDispatch and the Nation called American Democracy Down for the Count: Or What Is It the Scandinavians Have That We Don’t?

Then we look at the state of our drinking water in Florida: Can the water crisis facing Flint, Michigan happen here? Our guest Linda Young, Executive Director of Florida Clean Water Network, point to several current water emergencies occurring around the state threatened our water supply. They include nitrate contaminated wells within the farming areas of Central Florida, and polluted drinking wells in Escambia county in the panhandle.