Summer FUNdrive 2023

WMNF's Summer Fun Drive goes through Wednesday June 14th, and we are raising lots of money to keep this radio station thriving.

Summer Fun Drive!

WMNF's Summer Fun Drive goes through Tuesday June 14th, and we are raising lots of money to keep this radio station thriving.
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One more listen! Links to recently flown shows

Here are links to some of the shows that just left the airwaves, if you want to listen again. 360 Degrees of Blues Bumpy Ride Chillectricity Florida Folk Show From A Woman’s Point of View...

Fake news shifts for the European Union elections

Fake news changes shape as EU heads into elections By KELVIN CHAN, LORNE COOK and ARITZ PARRA Associated Press LONDON (AP) — Fake news has evolved beyond the playbook used by Russian trolls in the...

WMNF April Newsletter

Check your email boxes, Justin just sent out the newsletter! Make sure it isn’t in your promotions folder. We’re closing in on our 40th Birthday in September! Stay tuned for updates, and how to get...

Social media anonymity may not be guaranteed as free speech

Judge: Social media user isn’t entitled to anonymity By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN, Associated Press A social media platform can be compelled to divulge account information belonging to a woman who anonymously chatted online about plans for last...
Donald Trump at a rally

Radioactivity on President Trump/Russian Interference & Whether He Has Power to Pardon Family & Associates

What is the extent of Russian interference in the 2016 election? One month ago, the Senate Intelligence Committee in Washington held a hearing on Russian election hacking, and the expert testimony wasn’t all that reassuring....
Image for the movie "The Circus Saved My Life"

A Tampa Filmmaker’s Trip to Mongolia Leads to a Film about Domestic Violence

Last Saturday a new film about domestic violence called “The Circus Saved My Life” was shown at the Tampa Theater. The film is by Stewart Lippe who, in addition to being a film maker, is...
Ryan Torrens, candidate for Florida Attorney General

Ryan Torrens Florida Democratic Candidate for Attorney General

Democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General Ryan Torrens On the first part of Tuesday’s Radioactivty, host Rob Lorei spoke with attorney Ryan Torrens, a Democrat who is running for the office of Florida’s Attorney General....
Cover image for the article "The Making - and Breaking - of Marines"

Muslim Recruit’s Death Raises Questions About Marine Culture

In March of last year a 20 year old Marine Corps recruit from a Detroit suburb died at Paris Island South Carolina shortly after he arrived for boot camp training. He was a Muslim. In a...
U.S. Special Envoy for the Colombian Peace Process Bernard Aronson, joined by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker, addresses conflict victims, ex-combatants, and at-risk youth speak about a job-training program at the Escuela Taller run by the Colombian Ministry of Culture as the delegation visits Cartagena, Colombia, on September 26, 2016, to witness a peace ceremony between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that ends a five-decade conflict.

Colombian Peace Activist Discusses End of 53 Year-Long Civil War

Camilo Romero discusses Colombia’s civil war and peace deal A peace process is beginning in Colombia that is designed to end a civil war in that South American country that’s been going on since 1964....
Poster image for the film Nobody Speak

Was the Hulk Hogan Trial the Start of a New Assault on Freedom of the Press?

Brian Knappenberger on the film “Nobody Speak” Last year a sensational trial took place in Pinellas County in which wrestler Terry Bollea, better known by his stage name Hulk Hogan, won a $140 million judgement...

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