Big business using Breast Cancer Awareness Month to facilitate fracking and Journalist says North Dakota is the new oil country


When people seek out the autumn hues and travel miles to “peak” at the foliage, they no longer have to do that – the color of October is now PINK! “pink washing” is reaching its height. NFL is promoting the crucial catch, giving misleading “facts” about breast cancer screening. You can get pink plastic water bottles, pink doggie bandanas, pink gum – but to those who have been involved in exposing the overuse of the “pinking,” the most egregious pink wash they have seen is the hook up of Susan Komen Foundation and Baker Hughes Corporation, manufacturer of bits for fracking, is “Doing Our Bit for the Cure.” The Komen Foundation will accept a $100,000 check from Baker Hughes at the October 26 Pittsburgh NFL game and Baker Hughes will distribute 1,000 pink coated drill bits world wide. Forget the fact that some of the fracking chemicals are known carcinogens and that you can find them on the Susan Komen website as chemicals to be avoided.

Put on your pink glasses and you will pink everything. KARUNA JAGGAR, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action talks about this and challenges the notion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. After 30 years isn’t everyone aware of the dangers of Breast Cancer? How about Breast Cancer cure? Or prevention?

LAURA GOTTESDIENER, journalist, social justice activist, and author of A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home published this month by Zuccotti Park Press. She is an associate editor for Waging Nonviolence. Laura will report about the boom times in the “New Saudi America” – oh, excuse me, Williston, North Dakota at the edge of the Bakken Shale that stretches across western North Dakota, corner of Montana and into Canada. You might say this will be a report from the bottom up. When Laura went to Williston to report about this new boom, her money ran out. She took a job as a waitress in a strip club and slept in her car. Hint: our planet is being shaped with Dante’s Hell as a model. Laura Gottesdiener, adrift in oil county, welcome to Saudi America, the “Kuwait of the Prairie.” Mary Glenney discusses her article on the show.

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